Goodyear (Thailand) Public Company Limited is an affiliated Company of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA, which joined capital to establish the Company with the Sri Fuengfung Family.

The Company registered as a Limited Company according to the Civil and Commercial Code on July 25, 1968 with registered capital of 60 million Baht in order to operate a business that produces and distributes private automobile tires, small and large truck tires for commercial purposes, aviation tires, and aviation tire retreads to meet the need of the domestic market as well as exports.

Products and Services

Goodyear’s products are divided into 2 primary categories, which are:


Automotive Tire Products

The Company’s automotive tires are high-quality products. The most important values that the Company adheres to are outstanding innovation and safety. This enables the Company to be able to meet the needs of customers at every level. The transfer of technology that the Companyreceives regularly from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA and Goodyear International Corporation Test Center, Luxemburg result in consistently developing products both in quality and design of the Company in order to ensure motorists that the tires they use are high quality and design to ensure motorists that the tires they use are high quality and provide safe driving as wellas durability in use. It is noteworthy that the Company’s products have always been well recognized in both domestic and international markets.

The main product groups in Thailand are:
• Passenger Car Tires
• Pickup Truck Tires
• SUV Tires
• Sport Tires
• Run On Flat Tires
• Commercial Tires


Aviation Tire Products

Goodyear is well-known for aviation tire products for more than a century both in radial and bias tires. Goodyear has manufacturing plants for aviation tires in Danville, USA, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Thailand. Thailand was chosen to be the production base for aviation tires in the Asia Pacific region. This includes:
• General Aviation Tires
• Commercial Aircraft Tires
• Retread