Goodyear (thailand) public company limited recognizes the importance of good corporate governance.

The company’s code of business conduct established in order to ensure transparency in the operations of employees at every level. The management of the company also pushed for a continuous culture of corporate governance in order to build a foundation for sustainable growth and adding value to all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Policy

The Corporate Governance Policy of the Company abide by basic legal practice and covers the guidelines of the Principles of Good Corporate Governance for Listed Companies 2017 (CG Code) covering 5 categories of practices, which are:

  1. The Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
  2. Taking into account the Role of Stakeholders
  3. Disclosure of Information and Transparency
  4. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  5. Code of Business Ethics

For more information, please see page 22 in the Annual Report 2019.

Business Conduct manual


Corporate Document

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Memorandum of Association


Company Affidavit (Thai Version)