Our Goal

Deliver sustainable revenue and profit growth while increasing the value of our brand.  


ONE TEAM Driving Performance – on the road, in the marketplace and throughout the company.

How We’ll Win

Wining at the intersection is the key to success

  • Innovation Excellence

    Develop great products and services that anticipate and respond to the needs of consumers

  • Sale & Marketing Excellence

    Build the value of our brand, help our customers win in their markets, and become consumers' preferred choice

  • Operational Excellence

    Relentlessly improve our quality and efficiency to deliver the right tire, to the right place, at the right time for the right cost

How We’ll Work

Engage and enable associates to realise their full potential

  • Act With Integrity

    Build trust and earn the confidence of others through honesty and respect - Protect Our Good Name

  • Energize The Team

    Create an environment where associates are inspired by work, wellness and serving their communities

  • Promote Collaboration

    Connect associates globally and encourage open discussion to meet objectives

  • Be Agile

    Embrace change and act with speed and purpose

  • Deliver Results

    Anticipate challenges, size opportunities and make courageous decisions

Where We’ll Focus

  • Consumer Experience

    Make Goodyear easy to buy, own, and recommend

  • Consumer Service

    Collaborate with customers to be a grate supplier

  • Quality

    Deliver industry best products, processes, and programs

  • High-Value Segments

    Compete where we capture the full value of our brand

  • Mastering Complexity

    Manage the necessary; eliminate the unneeded